Sep 23, 2009

100 day challenge

Anyone up to taking on a 100 day challenge with me?

Yes, hard to credit but there are only 100 days left in 2009 folk. And a friend has just challenged me to work on my novel every day for those 100 days.

The enthusiast in me prompted the an instant reply of - hell yeah, no problem, but, when one takes into account the craziness that is part and parcel of the close of every year, it's actually quite the challenge. Internet connection problems gracious to modem failure left me basically off line twenty-four-seven for the past ten days, (thank Heaven for pen & paper) so when to throw unexpected happenings into the mix along with the end of the year madness - there is fun to be had to achieve the 100 day task. Note; she did say "work on my novel" for the next 100 days, not my blog, twitter, facebook, or emails, ect ect- Nevertheless, social networking it a vital part of the writing life and must be worked into the scheduled.

Crazy challenge? Perhaps - but crazy or not, if one sets the 100 day goal and hits only 85-90 days of it - then one will have achieved far more that if one set no goal at all. That wonderful old saying comes to mind -"shoot for the stars, if you miss at least you'll hit the moon!"

How to tackle a 100 day challenge at this particular time of year - one glorious day at a time folk.

I hope you all have a wonderful productive 100 days writing. Do drop a line and let me know if you're going to take the challenge with me.

Light and Laughter

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