Feb 15, 2010


As writers, there are things we have to pay serious attention to outside of our writing and one of them is backup.

It’s too late when the computer crashes to start thinking about backing up your work.

Personally I use a USB pen to backup when I finish each session, and then at the end of every day I use the Click-free.

It’s idiot proof, which suits me. You simply plug it in and it gets to work. And it backs up everything from emails to software.

Honestly I kid you not – it’s plug in and go. Available worldwide. I got mine in Back To The Future in Dublin after watching a demonstration on it on Ireland AM on TV3.

I just can’t recommend it highly enough – and no, I don’t get any commission. But what I do get is peace of mind, which of course is priceless!

With a smile
Ita x


  1. This sounds great! I have a question... I surfed around a bit to learn more about Click-free and found a Miami Herald article where a Technology writer mentioned connecting it to his external hard drive. So, is Click-free an intermediary device that essentially transfers data from your computer to an external drive, or is it a storage device? And do you know if it can be used to back up more than one computer at a time -- to store (if it's a storage device) data from more than one at the same time?

  2. Hi Heidi - great question - let me now try answer adequately!
    Click-free is a Portable Backup Drive for backing up files, emails, photo's music,DVDs, and essentially everything that is on the computer. It can actually backup 400 file types. There was no software to load - just plug in in and let it do it's work. It takes less than a minute to complete task- AMAZING STUFF!I set a reminder so it pops up each evening to remind me to click - and that's all I have to do - priceless! It comes in 160GB, 250GB,320GB, 400GB & 500GB. PC and Mac compatible. Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP and Mac OS I have the 160GB slim sliver (handbag perfect)and after backing everything on my laptop there is still over 130GB free space. There are two USB connections on the one cable for extra computers.I do believe it can even backup software - what more could one ask for!
    Couldn't recommend it highly enough.
    Hope this is helpful - thanks for questions and comments.
    With a smile Itax

  3. Hi Ita,
    I learned my lesson recently when it comes to backing up! My old laptop went completely dead on my one day, along with a draft of my book and about a thousand other things. Thankfully, a clever IT guy managed to salvage the hard drive and everything could be copied over. I'll never forget that sinking feeling when I was kicking myself for not having backed up my work. Have definitely learned my lesson; I back up on a USB and zip drive at the moment:)

  4. OMG Olive - my own heart skipped a beat as I read your msg. Thankfully I have been spared the agony thus far and hope by constant backup I will never have that sinking feeling.
    May your words remain safe Olive
    Thanks for the message - I love getting them.
    With a smile
    Ita x