Aug 7, 2009

Flash Fiction

Flash fiction story writing is an art in itself. The complete story is narrated in anything from 100 to 500 words. The shorter the story the better. To construct a complete story within this word count can be incredibly difficult, but beneficial to hone ones skill to make every word count. Basically, flash fiction is telling the story in a nutshell, and for that, you need a collection of great lines.
These stories cross all genres and are becoming increasingly popular.

The following is one I wrote at an INKwell Writers Workshop. The word limit was 50.

For Sale: Wedding Dress, Unused!

“Lost the nerve,” father said. “Had panic attack,” mother said.
“Got real,” sister said. “Have balls,” brother said.
“Leaving the country, auntie said. “Bloody hell,” uncle said.
“Need a life,” the groom said. “Need prayers,” the priest said.
“Need to be sure!” I said.

With a smile.

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    Great to get your not on the Ditching Dresses Blog. Which entry shall I read for consideration? You seem to have the same sort of direct voice I have.
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