Aug 12, 2009


At a glance, I am sure you would agree the train displayed here is just a tad overloaded. And by no stretch of the imagination is it pleasing to the eye. Ok, the train might still bring them all where they are going, (if it doesn’t collapse under the weight) but the beauty of the train is certainly well and truly lost.

In writing, your stories may begin like a powerful train heading in one direction, but if you overload it with hero’s, heroine’s villains, plots, subplots, and endless little minor characters it’s going to end up like the train depicted above.

Can you imagine trying to take a walk down through that train!

I certainly would not like the challenge.

Remember people read for enjoyment – not for the challenge of seeing if they can wade their way through your book.

Also, in the above picture, very few are lightly to stay on board until the train reaches it final destination. Many will hop off along the way.

Let your story follow the few that are going the full distance.

My advice:
Don’t overload your story.

How to correct it if you have:
Edit, edit, edit.

Just a thought

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