Aug 15, 2009

Grab their attention

The simplicity of kids!

As with the picture here, you have to grab your reader’s attention straight off the bat. You don’t have pages to play with. You don’t even have lines to play with. You need to hook your reader straight away.

We all have a certain genre of reading that we naturally gravitate towards, and we seldom swing too far outside that field. When we do, it’s usually because the book in question came highly recommended by someone whose opinion we value.
But, no matter how highly the praise for the book, if you don’t hook the reader with the opening you run the risk of loosing them.

My advice:
Follow the simple logic of the child above. She knew exactly how to grab her daddy’s attention. Grab your reader with the opening.

Just a thought.

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  1. The pictures are fantastic - so clearly convey exactly what you are saying. Really good tips too! And great pic of you!