Aug 9, 2009

Let the bride do something different!

How many wedding album have you looked at only to see the same style of photo’s. After a while, they become predictable. You know what to expect, there's no excitement to entice one to turn the pages. One longs for something new.

In the above picture, the bride is portrayed in a new refreshing light and it is fabulous too look at. If I saw that in an album, I would have to turn the page and see what she was going to do next. The photographer skilfully captures both her personality and her beauty. The simple act of sitting on the steps with her shoes off beaming up at the camera shows not only how happy she is, but also her easygoing laidback persona. One could easily deduct from such a picture that she is a real woman comfortable in her own skin. She has no pompous false fronts. No heirs-and-graces – easy company one would imagine.

Isn’t it amazing how much we can take from one simple act? Isn’t it refreshing to see a bride do something different?

It would serve us well to keep this in mind when writing. Let our characters show their personalities. Let your hero’s and heroines show the reader who they are in ways they would not expect – in new refreshing ways, just as the bride above.

We learn all the time.

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