Aug 13, 2009

The Truth About Writing


The truth it lies with all its glory-
That voice from deep within,
Once spoken shatters all the lies –
The tangled mass of sin.
I Roche

If one were not a writer, then perhaps one could be forgiven for glamorizing the art. Images of basking in the sunshine – pen, notebook, or laptop at hand, occasionally sipping tequila, while inspiration flows freely from the consciousness for the next best seller.
Note – I did say if one were not a writer. For those who are the reality is slightly different.

Here are some truths about writing:

You have to be a writer to appreciate the art.
It requires discipline and hard work.
You have to learn the craft.
You’ll make many mistakes along the way.
Self-doubt will haunt you.
Some days it will flow.
Some days, its one painful word at a time.
You should associate with other writers.
You’d better get use to rejection slips.
Having a thick skin will help.
Experience is the best teacher.
The editor really does know best.
You should lighten up on yourself.
You can enjoy the process as well as the result.
Characters really do take on a life of their own.
You need to read Stephen King’s book, On Writing.
You should you write with the door closed, and then the door open.
The second draft = the first draft - ten% always.
To use adverbs is human - to use, he said, or she said, is divine.
You’ll understand the last three points when you read S King’s book.
You have to write something every day.
Only time and practice will sharpen your skill.
No one can learn it for you.
If you want it bad enough you will stick at it.
If you haven't time to read – you haven’t time to write.
Very few make serious money from writing.
A supportive partner is a blessing.
Life will always get in the way, if you let it.
Be true to your own unique voice.
It takes time, patience, and practice to find your voice.
It's wonderful, fantastic & exciting!
Action = motivation = results = confidence.

Feel free to leave a comment, or add your own truths about writing.

Happy writing

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